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Ramon de Kok

Ramon likes to work with people and teams in a relaxed, creative manner with a healthy sense of humour! He has the ability to quickly identify the client’s needs, set clear goals together and encourages everyone to work towards achieving these. He likes to keep it practical, recognisable, and attainable.

Ramon has worked at top global companies and at the highest level in organisations. He knows how it is in the corporate world, deliberating over decisions and anxiety within managerial structures but also celebrating successes, meeting goals and enjoying achievements as a team.


Ramon de Kok, ex CHRO, has over 20 years experience in management roles & executive positions. He has worked for global companies like IBM and Nike across the EMEA region.

At the end of 2021 Ramon decided on a change and is embracing entrepreneurship.

He has broad knowledge and experience having worked in diverse businesses within various cultures. Making him a leader in diversity in the broadest sense. He draws on this experience in all aspects of his work to boost leadership teams to the next level.


Ramon was born and raised in Zeeland (NL), studied at Tilburg University, is married and has 3 children. Ramon is a keen sportsman, coaches youth teams, is a member of the local school board and sings in his own cover band.

Anne Jaakke

“Everybody deserves a great leader and a great place to work”

Helping open minded leaders evolve their own leadership and that of their team is my passion. Unfortunately, we can be so absorbed by the busy daily routine and aren’t spending enough time to reflect, reset and work on our own self-awareness as well as focusing on keeping energy levels high. As a result, leaders aren’t really thriving themselves but most likely neither is their team. I believe that when leaders invest in their body, mind, soul and spirit it has an impact on their own success, their teams and their business.


Anne Jaakke, ex CHRO of the year, has lived and/or worked in more than 20 countries and is a passionate ChangeMaker & innovative thought leader. After 25 years of holding senior executive positions, she decided to swap the boardroom for founding startup #Fantistics, move out of her comfort zone and reinvent herself to help drive innovation in HR & leadership.

In March 2020 she set up her own successful coaching & consultancy practice as an internationally accredited executive coach & award-winning international HR expert.


Anne grew up with a mother who studied spirituality and a dad who was a general manager of a hotel. As a result she embraced practices and expertise of both the “alternative world” and business world. Over the last 25 years she invested equally in growing her expertise in HR, leadership, surviving and thriving in the boardroom as well as in discovering & mastering body, mind, soul and spiritual practices.

In 2014 she emigrated back to the Netherlands from Sydney, Australia. Married in 2021 forming a modern family of 6 and resides in Groningen as well as in Huizen.


We are here to inspire, support & share our expertise with forward thinking executives to help them evolve their own leadership and that of their leadership team. We are passionate about helping to improve dynamics in the boardroom.

We can clearly identify both the obvious and any hidden issues and ensure that there are genuine & open conversations happening in the team about things that really matter. We give objective and constructive feedback to keep improving culture, morale, and results.

Our speciality is inspiring, creating new insights and boosting (team) transformation to the desired next level.

Our goals for executives around the glob

Being able to admit mistakes, asking for help, having open & honest conversations especially when it’s difficult, happily receiving feedback from others, time to pause & reflect alone as well as together, having great open conversations on what is not working well in the executive team, role model the desired behaviour, appreciating different points of views, able to listen actively, passion to change for the good and not for personal gain, excellent team support and plenty of laughin.

Fun Fact/Interesting Fact

Ramon was actually introduced to Anne the evening she was awarded CHRO of the year in 2016. Ramon was also nominated that year and was the proud runner up!

Both ensured that the companies they worked for received the status of Top Employer. A certificate to be proud of as it required organisational leadership, great team work and dedication.

Today they form a unique team and combine their various talents, expertise and boardroom experience to boost executive teams.

Linkedin Highlights Ramon

Connector, People & Organization Leader, Experienced Executive & Team Supervisor, Supervisor, Inspirator

People Business Ingredients
de Bijenkorf, part of Selfridges Group
2012 - 2021
Statutory Director HRM
Etam Group
2008 - 2012
HR Director
Mexx International
2006 - 2008
HR Director CEMEA
Nike European Operations
1997 - 2006
C&B Advisor
1995 - 1997

Linkedin Highlights Anne

HR Innovator | Sr. Leadership | International HR consultancy | CHRO Coach | Founder #Fantistics | ex CHRO of the year | Advisor HR (Tech) Suppliers| Columnist| Key Note Speaker

Global HR Director
Hunkemöller International BV
2014 - 2020
HR Director Australia
Fitness First Australia
2010 - 2014
HR Director
Fitness First Europe
Head of Learning & Development
2007 - 2008
HR Director
David Loyd Leisure
2005 - 2007
HR Manager
2001 - 2005

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