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We don’t offer a ‘Business School’-style programme since we know it doesn’t work in real life.

We are highly experienced professionals who were executives ourselves not so long ago. We wanted to change the boardroom conversations, discuss important matters, improve team dynamics and work on rebuilding trust & respect. No politics, hidden agendas or personal gain.

Your everyday typical leadership programme isn’t likely to meet your individual business needs. So we have created a unique leadership team approach that will help you tackle your team challenges and achieve your business ambitions. We tailor our programme to your situation and needs of the team. No business or person is the same.

We help to create a better leadership culture with brilliant results! Starting where it has the biggest impact of all. The Board…

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GET TOGETHER – to reflect

  • Over time you lose momentum as a team.
  • When did you have it, what was it like and how did you lose it?
  • We will help you to step back, to reflect, to refocus & reconnect.
  • We facilitate in a way that you truly feel belonging as a team.

GET REAL CONVERSATIONS – to (re)build trust

  • There are likely to be hidden agendas and personal preferences that jeopardise success.
  • How great is your teamwork really?
  • We help you to have honest reflections with yourself and with your teammates – to have great conversations together that matter – and to find out how you are perceived by others.
  • We ensure a relaxed and fun way to make tough conversations comfortable.

GET INSPIRED – to feel new energy

  • Your vitality as a leader is constantly being tested. It’s about your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual state of being.
  • Are you, as an individual leader, still on top of your game?
  • We help you to get back to the right mindset, gain energy and enthusiasm – to identify your purpose and to feel excited about it as a team.
  • We will surprise you and touch your mind and soul.

GET BACK ON TRACK – to have a game plan

  • Great leadership has evolved. It’s authentic, genuine & inspirational.
  • Are you recognised as such a leader & leadership team?
  • We help you to rediscover your effective leadership style – to explore new routes and methods – to make use of each other’s strengths – to grow again as a team and elevate your organisation.

GET SHIT DONE – to get the results you really want

  • You are back in the game as a team. You know what really matters.
  • What needs to be achieved and changed?
  • We help you to shape the team’s gameplan – to become a more effective team – to avoid loss of energy in the organisation – to strengthen the culture and to win.
  • We link the strength of your team to the challenges of your business and transform.


  • The whole world is within reach. There are true stories told and there is fake news.
  • Are you as leaders visible enough and spread real stories?
  • We help you to define the narrative – to tell your story – to role model the organisational values – to influence the culture you want.
  • We showcase your online presence to bond with all team members and to build the leadership brand.


Happy customers, Happy Days!
If you aren’t 100% happy about TheBoardBoost, neither are we.
Tell us when you’re not & tell others when you are.
We strive to be better.

Want to have a relaxed and open conversation? Explore how we can help?

You can reach us via WhatsApp or call +31 (0)6 115 15 741 or email